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12 January 2014 @ 11:13 pm
Contradicting love birds  
Heechul and Siwon the contradicting love birds, were at it again, earlier this evening Siwon had come to pick up Heechul for their date, but unfortunately for him, he had forgotten to compliment him on his new haircut, and that is the reason why things could be heard crashing behind the diva’s bedroom door.
For the rest of the Super Junior members, this was a regular occurrence and they had gotten used to it by now. Siwon would say something, or in this case forget to say something and the throwing of random objects and pulling on Siwon’s hair would begin. it would only go on for a few minutes though, and Heechul would stop cussing and and throwing stuff at Siwon to state that they ought to take a break, then walk up to Siwon and hug him and everything would go back to normal and the fight would be non existent.

That’s why on this particular day when Heechul was throwing random things at Siwon who was ducking out of the way and trying to stifle his giggles long enough to get coherent sentence out of him, Hangeng,Shindong,Kangin and Kyuhyun were playing poker while the rest were watching and taking bets on who would win the game, while waiting for the love birds to tire of their lovers quarrel.

“Ah hyung” the younger said in a more calmed and controlled voice “don’t get offended, it’s just funny that’s all.” he said,trying control his giggles by pressing his lips together but his dimples betrayed him.

“SO YOU FIND MY ANGER TO BE FUNNY????!!!!” the eldest shouted, and Siwon couldn't help comparing him to a little girl having a tantrum. And that got him giggling again.

“hyung, for the last time,stop shouting.I told you, it's not the fact that you’re angry that i find to be amusing, rather it’s the little tantrum you’re throwing. Hyung how old are you? isn't it illegal to do things like that ? are you a little girl? no you aren't, you’re a grown man. so stop it already”
Heechul turned around to grab the water bottle that was on the bedside table behind him and then threw it across the room at Siwon, who was conveniently on the other side of the medium sized bed, in order to get away from heechul’s hypothetical claws. but luckily for him, he quickly ducked out of the way like so many times before, and the water bottle fell to the ground beside him. “hyung won't you stop? Your hair looks pretty, ok?”

“DON’T SAY THINGS YOU DON’T MEAN!!!” he shouted back stomping his foot on the ground for the hundredth time.
“Hyung, stop shouting.You’re hurting my ears.If you won’t stop, i’ll go play poker instead and you’ll be forced to sit and watch” Siwon knew that would probably calm him down. At times it was as if Heechul lived to disobey Siwon, but he only let it pass since it was his princess and not some random person. But at moments like these when Siwon put on his serious face. Heechul knew better than to disobey, especially if it came with consequences
“why are you being a jerk?” Heechul asked moving to sit on the bed. pulling his knees up to his chest and wrapping his arms around them, making himself look smaller and pitiful “you can go play poker if you want, you don’t have to stay with me” he said, pretending to be indifferent about whatever choice Siwon would make.
“princess, come on, you know i just said that to calm you down. i wasn't actually going to do it.”
“whatever. do what you want” Heechul said turning the mood into a somber one
Siwon walked over to Heechul and pulled him to his feet,he cradled his face between his palms and looked down at him.
“ you can’t get mad at me when you’re the one that started it.” Siwon lowered his voice and fanned his mint breath over his Hyung’s face.
“no i didn't. Technically, you started it when you didn't say anything when you were supposed to.” heechul said “ i got my hair done specially for today”
He then moved away from Siwon and tried to get back on the bed, before Siwon pulled him back against his chest in a tight embrace
“ok sweetheart.If i say i started it, and tell you what i honestly think about your hair, do you promise to stop arguing with me so we can get going?”
“fine” heechul mumbled back
“ok.” Siwon started, still holding Heechul in his arms and swaying them both back and forth in a way that was soothing
“ i think your hair is really pretty, and i also think you should add a white headband to it to match your outfit. sorry for not having complimented you earlier when i got here, and for making you mad. please don’t stay mad at me, do you forgive me?”
“ yeah, i forgive you. i’m sorry too for having a bitch fit.”
Siwon said nothing and just kissed the top of his head and kept on swaying with his lover in his arms.
the door was opened but the two love birds didn't separate, Kyuhyun poked his head in through the door “ i was asked to see if the fight is over.Is it? you guys are the most weird couple ever. Anyway, who won? ”
“go away Kyuhyun-ah” Siwon said
“Nuh-uh, i think Heechul hyung won.Since he’s such a spoiled brat. gosh Hyung you are such a baby.” then he retrieved his head and slammed the door shut.

“ Siwon's cute baby” Heechul mumbled against his lover's chest.
Siwon chuckled and pulled away from his Hyung, “ finish getting ready so we can leave, i’ll get out so you can get dressed”
“ no, you just stay in here, i don’t need any privacy”
“ but then i’ll start touching you, and then we’ll end up having sex and then we won't go anywhere”
“ you’re so perverted.How do you go from being cuddly to horny in less than a minute “
“you made me like this”
“i did well”
“ i know, so hurry up. And stop trying to move closer. Go get dressed” Siwon hurriedly got out of the room.
The way he saw it , Heechul had no idea what effect he had on him. What with his long hair that always smelled like strawberries, and his perfect physique , then his long fingers and his sparkly eyes, and his bad temper, and bad mouth. All this contributed to Kim Heechul’s irresistible sexiness, that almost always drove Siwon to the brink of insanity. He couldn’t imagine his life without him, and although Heechul found it to be boundlessly cheesy, he was his other half.